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13TH JANUARY, 2016

Kids were in Oberschneider ski school in Kaprun last week (3.-8.01.2016) and they had great tima there. We are every year in Kaprun but this year was the first time that I decided to put them in a ski school.
I knew that there are lots of ski schools but I decided to put them in Ski Dome Oberschneider school. And I was right. 

Personal is very educated, thay love their job and most of all they like kids and for me that is the most important. Thats why we will be there again, kids will go in the same ski school again :-)
They love skiing very much and talk about their "trainer" Frederik all the time. We have Bobo song on out Tablet and it is very funny to look them singing it 

Once again thank You very much, we have lots of nice memories and cant wait to come again.

Kind regards from Zagreb (Croatia)
Tonja Predovic

11th January, 2016

Dear Mr Kraus,

I have just returned from a week in Zell am See during which time your ski school provided us with an instructor - Colin Scholtka. I am writing to provide some feedback on Colin.


We are delighted with the guidance and support provided by Colin to me and my two sons aged 12 and 11. He provided an excellent all round service, focussing heavily on improving our technique, mountain safety, as well as providing good resort knowledge.


Colin is patient and very clear at explaining things. At times when my kids were tired or distracted during Colin's guidance at no point did he show any frustration or irritation by this. Instead he persevered with getting his message across which he succeeded in doing.

Skiing coaching

Colin is himself an accomplished skier and is a good example himself to follow. His techniques to impart knowledge and technique are wide and varied and he constantly seeks ways to get new approaches of skiing to stick with students. His use of 'ski poles' was especially varied and I have never seen so many uses for them but they certainly worked!


Colin is super safety conscious and takes great care to avoid compromising safety on the mountain at all times. From standing aside on the mountain, to ensuring students stand below him ensuring he takes the full brunt of any collision, he takes safety seriously.

I asked my kids what they thought. Ben, 11, said 'best coach ever' and Josh, 12, said 'he worked hard to help us.'

Please feel free to use me as a reference, and also please share with Colin.


Best regards

Christopher Bingham

January, 2016

We (including our children) were very content with Floor and the lessons she gave to our children. We also were very impressed about te quality of the lessons. When we get back in Kaprun next year, we wil allmost certain arrange ski-lessons at Ski Dom Oberschneider again.

Best Regards,

Fam. R.J. Kleinsmann (The Netherlands)

20th April, 2015

Hello Tom,

I would just like to say a big “Thank You” to you and all your team.
The girls and Tom in Ski Dome 1, the guys up at Ski Dome 2 and, of course, the 4 instructors were all fantastic as usual and made everything run very smoothly. The equipment storage at Ski Dome 2 was a real advantage as was very much appreciated by the group. It is a real pleasure to deal with such friendly and professional people and I look forward to returning again in the future.
Kind regards,

9th March 2015

Hi everybody,
we had a great week in kaprun with an excellent ski tutor Annoeska (what a great positive attitude she has). She learned us a lot new techniques and skills to perform on a amazing higher level, we've never expected to going down from the black piste  but she learned us on a safety manner how to handle the several kind of pistes. Also she gave us good technical answers and extra tourist information what was very handy,The overall feelling was very positive (intersport (skidome 1,ski school and tutor). Annoeska (3 days four hours lesson 02/03/04-3-2015)
attitude =excellent
Great job Annoeska an ski school employees, until the next lessons !

Kind regards ,
Edwin van den Berg, Ronald Payralbe , Wendy van den Berg

27th February 2015

The Instruction to all 4 groups was high quality due to the good, clear English and the precise nature of the Instruction . All the Instructors were of Dutch Origin and quicly developed a warm but firm rapport with their groups.
They even came to eat with us on the Thursday Evening before the Presentation. I have led a great number of Ski Trips since 1982 and the Instructors this time can count themselves in the top 3 of Instructors I have had in all those years.

Thank You
Dr Chris Griffith Party Leader

25th February 2015

Skiing in Zell Am See/Kaprun 15th-20th February with Instructor Karl.
Karl was very organised and accommodating. He was friendly and listened. A great leader.
I can't think of anything that could have been done better other than testing the students more during the first few days to check they are in the right group.

Anish Vakani.

23rd February 2015

Thanks for your email.

Answering for Finley, and the rest of his family, I can say that we all had a fantastic holiday.
Being first timers to the ski world we were quite nervous walking into the skidome for the first time but having members of staff walk up to us and offering advice and assistance was a big help.
It appeared that we'd made the wrong order on the website and the guy behind the counter was insistant that we'd only ordered ski's but we were convinced that we'd ordered boots and helmets too.  Never mind, he sorted it out quickly and efficiently.

My wife's boots were uncomfortable after the first day and were quickly swapped out for better.
We were not given poles to begin with which did not go down well with our instructor but was quickly sorted out during our first lunch break.  Was there something that we misunderstood or was there a problem with the website ordering system?  I don't know but I do most of my work, family life and leisure online so if I got it wrong then I'd suggest that the site could be easier to understand.
My son has special needs and the instructor provided for him was perfect.  Greggor understood him and go the best out of him, surpassing our expectation to the point where we were able to ski with him during the last day.

My wife and I are beginners and ended up in a group with Marie who was perfect.  I could not ask for a better instructor or for more from her.  I had a great time in class and learned a lot.
The equipment hired worked well and for my level, I was very happy.
Thanks to all involved, we had a great time and hope to be back.

Colin Strain


23rd February 2015

Dear Rene,

Would you like to send us the videos you made of our skiing skills?;) We enjoyed the lessons! On the first day itself we didn't like it to go skiing on the Lechnerberg, but later in the week we found it very useful to start there to get back the basics. Furthermore we liked the personal comments, practicing the race track and the videos.

Thankyou and greetings,
Mark en Marco Aalmoes

23rd February 2015

Hello :)

Last week I was on a ski trip with a group of my students and we had lessons with your Oberschneider Ski School. We all had an amazing time and our instructors were excellent.
Jiri instructed one of the intermediate groups and he took us to the top of the Glacier and the panorama platform where we had our picture taken.
Could you please pass the attached photo onto Jiri - it was his first visit to the Glacier too and the group would love him to have a memento of it.
Could you also thank him for giving us a really enjoyable (and instructive !!) week

Danke schon,
Deirdre Nugent
Head of Applied ICT & Senior Tutor

22nd February 2015


I just want to thank to my today's skying teacher Evald. He is very attentive and careful. Trying to do all  his best that I would feel comfortable. I like his easy explaining of the main skying rules and exercises! That was very good experience! Besides, he's very positive and easy going person! Ačiū!

17th February 2015

Hi Evald,

Thank you for the pictures, we have spent a beautiful day on our first beginner slopes. We really appreciated your patience. After only a couple of hours most of us were able to master the lechnerberg so you made this possible!

Best regards

14th January 2015

Dear Ski-Dome team,

What wonderful, friendly and helpful service we received from you all in Kaprun. Thank you! Danke schon!!

Kind regards,
Sandy Robinson

10th January 2015


Please find the feedback below:
Instructor - Julia Stangl
Date - 30th Dec 2014 to 1st Jan 2015
I took 3 days Ski lessons and thanks to Julia it was perfect. I really liked her teaching method, taught basics thoroughly and was very patient with the group and especially with me. She was really attentive towards each and every member of the group and thanks to her we were able to ski confidently and I was able to thoroughly enjoy my first ever ski trip... She is definitely one of the best ski instructors...

Thank You,
Subodh Sawant

9th January 2015

Thank you for the nice lessons!
All our 3 children had a great time and good 1st experience with Skiiing

Special thanks to;
Marieke - for training Nelson!
Maximillian - for training Arthur  (specially as Arthur was not so happy at the start)
The mini Bobo club - and especially Demi - for taking Hannah up and down on the Lechnerberg

Hope to see you again in other skiiing years

Annebeth + Edwin Medenblik


11th of April 2014

Julia and Jordy

Many thanks for a superb time with you. Christian was wonderful, please make sure you pass on Big Thanks from the family.
You gave all been superb.....we will only use you when we come back next year!

With many thanks
Pete, Deanna, Arran, Hugo and Freya

April 2014

Dear Ski-Kaprun,

I just wanted to tell you what a brilliant job your instructor *April Matheison* did in progressing my skiing! She was extremely understanding and nice and then was excellent at diagnosing my faults and suggesting solutions.
When I return to Zell/Kaprun I shall certainly try to get follow up lessons with her. I think this girl is a real asset to your company and should at the very least be given a pay rise!

Best regards from a happy customer,
Bill Speares

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Very happy with the staff and the whole service indeed. 

Martin from Praha, May 2015

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