Lechnerberg Kaprun:
Skiing for dummies

Lechnerberg at the heart of Kaprun is the insider tip for all families, skiing and snowboarding beginners. On the popular beginner’s slope all beginners learn to ski and snowboard in next to nothing.

Kaprun Lechnerberg:
This is where BOBO lives

At Lechnerberg in Kaprun a very special surprise is in store for all young daredevils on the slope. What is that? Of course, BOBO lives at the Lechnerberg! In an immense Kinderland of all colours the cute little penguin has pitched his tent. Well no, that is not quite true. BOBO does not live in a tent, of course! He lives in an iceberg! So what is BOBO doing at Lechnerberg? And how why did he decide to come to Kaprun instead of staying on his floating sheet at the South Pole?

From the South Pole to Kaprun at the Lechnerberg

BOBO loves kids and he simply loves skiing and snowboarding. That is why we asked him to come to the Skischule Oberschneider to Kaprun. After all there are lots of kids here who love snow and can’t wait to learn skiing or snowboarding. And BOBO was all for it immediately. That is why he set out to get to Lechnerberg as quickly as possible. What a piece of luck! After all: BOBO is the best ski instructor and snowboard coach you can possibly get.

Would you like to visit BOBO at Lechnerberg Kaprun?

Would you like to tear up the Lechnerberg together with BOBO and many other young daredevils on the slopes? Would you like to learn how to ski within next to nothing, just as if it were a game and have a lot of fun? Absolutely fantastic! Come to Kaprun. BOBO can’t wait to see you!

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At BOBO‘s Kinderland at Lechnerberg skiing makes real fun!

BOBO‘s recommendation

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