Any further questions on Ski Dome?

No problem! No matter whether you want to know more about skiing lessons, meeting points or child day-care services and lunch: Here you will find all you need to know, in brief and getting straight to the point.

Ski and snowboard courses for adults

How big are the groups at Ski Dome?
With us you will usually learn in small groups.  It's simply more fun and much simpler.  The groups at Ski Dome have an average of 7 to 10 participants.

What is better: private or group courses?
In private courses you will learn faster because the lesson is directly focused on your experience and wishes.  With group classes you pay less and have the chance to meet new people.
Race Camps Ski Dome Kaprun Kitzsteinhorn Gletscher

What is easier to learn: skiing or snowboarding?
That depends on your own abilities and talents. Generally you can learn both quick and easy with our support and help.

How long do the courses last?
Private: It is up to you how many hours you would like to book:
Groups: You will find the course hours in the rubric "Lessons Ski & Board" on our homepage.

In which languages are the courses offered?
Private: We offer private lessons in almost 20 different languages.  Our tip to you: The sooner you book the better chance you have of getting the instructor who has the best knowledge in the language you wish!

Groups: Instruction can be found in German, English, and possibly Dutch.  There are sometimes courses in other languages too.

Where do courses start?
We leave from all available slopes in our ski resort. The decision depends on the experience of the student as well as the snow and weather conditions.

Where can I find the best fitting equipment?
At Ski Dome of course! Whether its skis or snowboards, boots or lift tickets: with us you will find everything you need for your snow enjoyment:

Ski Dome II Sportgeschäft am Kitzsteinhorn Gletscher Kaprun
What do beginners learn on the first course day?
On the first course day we will teach you the basics of safe stopping and dodging.  Afterwards you learn how turning functions

Do we get to ride in funparks and in powder?
Of course! We have both planned in our courses.

Is there a half-day course?
We offer group-courses with different starting times. You can find more information under the rubric „Lessons Ski & Boards“: With private lessons it's your own decision. More info here.

Can I just book one day and then extend the course?
Of course! However, it is cheaper to book more days at once. This means that it always worth it, to book the complete course. Nevertheless, the decision is yours. The Ski Dome Team would be glad to meet your needs.

Child Courses

At what age are my children allowed to learn skiing and snowboarding?
Children as young as 4 years old can join BOBO's Kinder-Club and start right in with skiing. For snowboard courses kids should be at least 7 years old.

How long can my children be cared for at Ski Dome?
From 9:00 to 16:00!  We have the longest childcare hours in all of Kaprun. Whether its arts and crafts, makeup, or playing: before and after the ski and snowboard courses all of the children will be well taken cared of.  And the best part is the childcare is already included in the course prices!
BOBOS Kinderskischule Oberschneider Kaprun

Can children under 2 also be cared for?
Even the youngest will be lovingly cared for in the BOBO Baby-Club. Whether it's forenoon, afternoon, or simply the whole day - our experienced nannies will care for your children: Find here some more information.

Where shall I drop off my children?
From December to March the meeting point is in BOBO's Kinderland on the Lechnerberg in the centre of Kaprun. In the other months BOBO and the complete Kinderland is moved onto the glacier. Then the meeting point will on the Langwiedboden near Ski Dome II.

Will my children be put into the same group?
With us, all children are instructed in groups that are fitted to their age and experience. Children with similar age and experience could of course be put into the same group.

Do I need to worry about lunch for my children?
No, that is not necessary! If you wish, we offer noontime childcare. A meal, drink, and desert are included in the price: Find here some more information.

Do the children need helmets in order to ski?
In Salzburger Land, helmets for children on the slopes are required. In addition, safety is very important to us. For this reason, all children under the age of 15 recieve a free helmet included in their rental.

Kinderbetreuung Skiunterricht Kaprun
At Ski Dome you can win wonderful prizes. Click on the link below to find out what competitions are on at the moment. Have fun!

Ski Dome competition

At Ski Dome you can win lots of prizes. If you want to know what competition is now on, simply click on the link below and discover for yourself:

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