Does your winter sports equipment need tuning?

You can find that out easily for yourself. The rule of thumb is: As soon as your skiing fun subsides, then it is high time for our professional ski or snowboard service. And how about you? Run the test and find it out!

Small service check

If you are no longer able to accomplish a perfect carving turn on icy slopes – then it is high time to polish up your equipment to ensure that the edges are sharp! You will notice the difference once the edges of your equipment have been sharpened.
You have hardly any speed on flat slopes? Refresh the running surface material on your skis and with your winter sports equipment you will be back on the slope at full speed.
Do your skis or does your snowboard vibrate in gliding passages? If that is the case, then the profile on your skis urgently needs a stone grinding finish.
And one more important thing!
You should always ensure that major damage to your skis or snowboard is repaired immediately. After all: blunt edges and a defective coating endanger your own safety!

What happens in ski or snowboard tuning?

From the initial check-up to grinding the edges: Our service technicians and high-end robots made by Wintersteiger and Montana ensure that your winter sports equipment will function at its best! How does that exactly function?

1. Check-up

First of all your skis or your snowboard are professionally cleaned. In the next step our service specialists have a scrutinising look at the coating and edges, so that they know exactly what has to be done.

Skiverleih Ski Dome Oberschneider Kaprun

2. Coating repair

In the second step of our ski and snowboard service any holes, grooves or notches in your skis or snowboard coating are carefully filled with coating material.

Coating repair

3. Grinding the coating

The complete coating is ground and restructured. And the result is prefect prerequisites for the following structural grinding step and bottom edge tuning!

Grinding the coating

4. Grinding the edges

The edges of your skis or snowboard are ground to meet your individual requirements. And the best of it all is the revolutionary Ceramic Disc Finish made by Wintersteiger which ensures absolutely precise edges. With the Disc Finish fun in skiing and snowboarding are guaranteed. You can look forward to maximum versatility and uncompromising stops on the slope!

Grinding the edges

5. Waxing

Waxing is always the final finishing step. Applying hot wax impregnates the coating, protects it against damage and besides that improves the turning and gliding properties of your skis. After our ski or snowboard service your equipment is top fit and then off you go: Onto the slope and into the skiing resort Zell am See-Kaprun to ski and snowboard at your heart’s delight!


Customised service offered at Ski Dome

It goes without saying that a perfect ski and snowboard service is tuned to your specific individual requirements. Simply let us know what skiing style and which terrain you favour. Our service technicians will harmonise our tuning perfectly to meet your specific requirements.
If you rent your equipment at Ski Dome, our ski service is always included free of charge!


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