Skiing vacation: Fun for all members of the family!

Ski School Oberschneider has specialised totally in families. There are good reasons for that decision: The Oberschneiders all know to what extent skiing bonds the whole family. Founder of the ski school Hermann Oberschneider recalls: „My parents had a farm and there was always a lot to do. All the more our family enjoyed the time we spent together in downhill or backcountry skiing.“ It goes without saying that Hermann Oberschneider keeps up the tradition of skiing together in his own family: „My own 3 daughters learnt to ski as toddlers – of course, with BOBO at our skiing resort for kids!“

Skiing will be a fantastic experience for your whole family!

As far as Hermann Oberschneider and his Team are concerned, it is important to pass on enthusiasm for winter sports to other families. From the huge Kinderskiland to own skiing instructors for the whole family: At Ski School Oberschneider lots of surprises are waiting in store for all age groups. Your skiing vacation is thus transformed into an unforgettable experience which strengthens the family spirit and ensures that the whole family will enjoy looking back on a wonderful vacation. Would you like to discover skiing as family sports? If so, then take a closer look at our Happy-Family offers now!
To reduce the strain on the holiday budget, Ski School Oberschneider has lots of fantastic benefits in store for families.

Special offers for families

How about a skiing vacation for the whole family at Ski School Oberschneider? We have fantastic offers in store for you! Curious? Just click on the link below:

You will only get this at Skischule Oberschneider

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